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Manage Service Accounts

Service accounts are only available in Streamvisor Enterprise edition.

Service accounts can be used for automating API access, integrating Streamvisor with your CI/CD, or enabling GitOps workflows.

The permissions of service accounts match the ones of the builtin admin group, meaning service accounts are granted full access to everything.

For a full reference of the available operations, please refer to the API Reference.

Configuring service accounts

To configure Streamvisor service accounts select Admin/Service Accounts in the sidebar navigation.

Adding a service account

To add a new service account, click on the New Service Account button on the right and fill out the dialogue that opens:

Add a service account

After confirming the access token of the service account will be displayed.
Make sure to save the access token properly as it won’t be visible anymore after closing the dialogue.

The service account token dialogue

Deleting a service account

To delete an existing service account, click the three dots at the end of the row for that service account and select Delete.
Please remember that any application or script using this service account will no longer work after the deletion.

Deleting all service accounts

To delete all service accounts, click the Delete All button on the bottom right.

Using service accounts

To use a service account to access the Streamvisor API, you need to include an Authorization header with the value set to Bearer <Service account access token>.