Streamvisor Docs
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Configuration Reference

Below is a reference of all configuration properties.

To convert properties in their canonical form to environment variables, please follow these rules:

  1. Replace dots (.) with underscores (_).
  2. Remove any dashes (-).
  3. Convert to uppercase.

E.g. streamvisor.bootstrap-admin.enable becomes STREAMVISOR_BOOTSTRAPADMIN_ENABLE.

Property Description Required Type Default
streamvisor.bootstrap-admin.enable If true, bootstraps an admin user false boolean true Bootstrapped admin user email false string
streamvisor.bootstrap-admin.password Bootstrapped admin user password false string streamvisor
streamvisor.environments[].name Bootstrapped environment name false string
streamvisor.environments[].service-url Bootstrapped environment service http url false string
streamvisor.environments[].broker-url Bootstrapped environment broker url false string
streamvisor.environments[].configuration Bootstrapped environment configuration properties map false string
streamvisor.pulsar.connection.lookup-service-port.override Override Pulsar lookup service port. There is a bug in Pulsar <=3.1.0, <=3.0.1, <=2.11.3 that returns the wrong webservice port when using TLS. If you are using an affected version of Pulsar with TLS enabled, please set this property to the same value as the webServicePortTls in your Pulsar proxy/broker.conf false int
streamvisor.license.filepath Path to Streamvisor license file false string
streamvisor.rbac.enable If true, enables role-based access control false boolean false
streamvisor.sso.oauth.providers.{providerName}.clientId OAuth 2.0 client id false string
streamvisor.sso.oauth.providers.{providerName}.clientSecret OAuth 2.0 client secret. Only required when using Google as the provider false string
streamvisor.sso.oauth.providers.{providerName}.issuerUri Issuer URI to check on the token. Also used to retrieve the well-known configuration false string
streamvisor.sso.oauth.providers.{providerName}.scopes Comma-separated list of scopes to be requested for the token, e.g. openid,profile,email false string
streamvisor.sso.oauth.providers.{providerName}.emailClaim Claim name for retrieving the user email false string email
streamvisor.sso.oauth.providers.{providerName}.groupsClaim Claim name for retrieving groups for group-mapping false string
streamvisor.sso.oauth.providers.{providerName}.options Optional property map for provider-specific properties, e.g. path to the Google service account for group-mapping false string
streamvisor.persistence.url JDBC URL when using PostgreSQL as the persistence type, e.g. jdbc:postgresql:// false string
streamvisor.persistence.driver-class-name JDBC driver class name when using PostgreSQL as the persistence type, e.g. org.postgresql.Driver false string
streamvisor.persistence.username database username when using PostgreSQL as the persistence type false string
streamvisor.persistence.password database password when using PostgreSQL as the persistence type false string